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For Your Neck

New work for your neck added to small works:

…and one that’s not for your neck.

Going to BSU

Was invited to visit Ball State University to help christen the ULS 4.60 that’s new to their metals studio. Excited to see what we come up with!
RIggle Poster.jpg

Jewelry Sale 2012 – Miami Metals 28th Annual

The Miami Metals 28th Annual Jewelry Sale month away! Solder is flowing. Torches are glowing. The sweet aroma of hot patina and buffing compounds fill the studio’s air! This is your chance to find that unique holiday gift! Or treat your self with adornment for your next night out! The students have you in mind with their creations!

The Miami Metals Jewelry Sale is a student-led entrepreneurial, design practicum featuring the unique designs of Miami Metals’ students, faculty, and alumni. You’ll find one-of-a-kind art jewelry, ranging from the traditional to the unexpected. All inventory is skillfully crafted using traditional hand-processes and state-of-the-art techniques. See how silver, copper, and steel has been transformed into wearable art!

Proceeds from the sale support the enrichment of the student/studio experience including the support of visiting artists/lecturers, purchasing special tools, supplies and supplemental materials, going on special art-related excursions, workshops and trips abroad!
Jewelry Sale Display

Jewelry Sale – When and Where?


10am – 7pm
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
1040 Farmer School of Business (first floor – front lobby)

10am – 7pm
Wednesday-Thursday, November 14-15, 2012
199 Shriver Center (lower level – next to HOME office)

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You can get invloved too!
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Posters: Jewelry Sale 2012 Poster (11×17 Vertical), Jewelry Sale 2012 Poster (11×17 Horizontal)
Postcard: Jewelry Sale 2012 (5×7 Postcard) (Double-sided)

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It’s official! Miami Metals now has their very own website:

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Distinguished Artist Alumni Award

Exploring themes of education, elevation and light, the commemorative design for the 2012 Distinguished Artist Alumni celebrates the outstanding achievements of honored Alumni: Fletcher Benton (’55 – Artist/Sculptor), Jim Clemes (’80 – Architect), Robert Honeysucker (’71 – Vocal Artist), Klara Zieglerova (’92 – Scenic Designer). Designed and fabricated in fine silver by Miami University Visiting Assistant Professor, Geoff Riggle, this commemorative design features an elevated lamp that houses a four-sided faceted brick (authentically created from those found on the Miami’s Oxford Campus) as well as an internally illuminated medallion highlighting the disciplines of study of those honored.

Collaboration with Lisa Wilson

For the past 5 weeks Lisa Wilson and I have worked on a piece for a show hosted by Torpedo Factory’s – Target Gallery based on the theme of “Pandora’s Box.” While the results of our collaboration were rather fruitful, as recent M.F.A. recipient Derek Reverts put it, ” [we] have arrived safely at the nut house.” Ladies and gentlemen, we present 2012: