It’s official! Miami Metals now has their very own website:

You should check it out, and like it. Thanks!

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Distinguished Artist Alumni Award

Exploring themes of education, elevation and light, the commemorative design for the 2012 Distinguished Artist Alumni celebrates the outstanding achievements of honored Alumni: Fletcher Benton (’55 – Artist/Sculptor), Jim Clemes (’80 – Architect), Robert Honeysucker (’71 – Vocal Artist), Klara Zieglerova (’92 – Scenic Designer). Designed and fabricated in fine silver by Miami University Visiting Assistant Professor, Geoff Riggle, this commemorative design features an elevated lamp that houses a four-sided faceted brick (authentically created from those found on the Miami’s Oxford Campus) as well as an internally illuminated medallion highlighting the disciplines of study of those honored.

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Alessi at Milan Design Week


Alessi at Milan Design Week –

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EXOtique, Digital Fabrication in a Week


EXOtique, Digital Fabrication in a Week –

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Angry Birds x Banksy Mashup

Having recently seen Exit Through the Gift Shop and by making all sorts of ‘discoveries’ with my new Evo,  this caught my eye:

Angry Birds x Banksy Mashup –


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Beautiful Bunny

It has been quite some time since my last post and I felt compelled to do something about it. A lot has happened in recent months: I graduated, went to Prague, got an adjunct gig(s), got a visiting gig, and am enthralled in the development of Miami U’s SFA 2nd Annual Summer Camp for Teens (more info and hopefully a link will come in due time) as its ‘director.’ Jeez my palms are suddenly sweaty.

Meanwhile, enjoy this captivating and mildly disturbing ‘viral’:

Chocolate Bunny from Blink on Vimeo.

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On The In-Between: Stop Motion

Stop Motion Capture of my thesis exhibition installation (April 14-22, 2010). Soil is strategically placed on the floor of the gallery delineating a path the viewer must navigate/traverse to view the sculptural rings on display. I wrote a short Processing script to run on the iMac in the gallery.

On the In-Between: Stop Motion from geoff riggle on Vimeo.

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Folding Dodecahedron

A couple weeks ago, after months of trials and tribulations, I finally got a fully folding/unfolding prototype of a dodecahedron. I experimented with a plethora of materials and actuators ranging from paper and nitinol wire to copper and dc-motors, finally settling on acrylic and servos.

Now… what do I do with this thing?

Dodeca Servo from geoff riggle on Vimeo.

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Collaboration with Lisa Wilson

For the past 5 weeks Lisa Wilson and I have worked on a piece for a show hosted by Torpedo Factory’s – Target Gallery based on the theme of “Pandora’s Box.” While the results of our collaboration were rather fruitful, as recent M.F.A. recipient Derek Reverts put it, ” [we] have arrived safely at the nut house.” Ladies and gentlemen, we present 2012:


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