Arduino – AC Dimming

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Lately I’ve been working on getting the Arduino to control the dimming of an Incandescent bulb using a triac and optocouplers. This circuit is for an interactive installation of internally lit brick columns Christian and I are developing for an exhibition this spring. The video below is showing a PIR that when triggered switches which bulb is dimming. It’s a bad video, quality-wise, but gives you the idea.

Last night I finally got it going the way we were wanting. I’ve had the circuit built for about a week now but getting it to fade on AND off was trickier than I anticipated. Of course, I tend to over-think things too. The code is pretty straight forward. There is probably a better way of doing it, but, oh well, it gets the job done.

I owe a considerable thanks to Ryan McLaughlin and his post on the arduino forum:

Arduino, PIR, and AC Dimming

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